Manny Dominick (Ghost Town)

"North Custom Drums to me means Custom, Sound Perfection and most of all Quality. There are many companies out there who visually have it all from finishes to the unique and intricate ways to build a drumset. But when you think of drums, the SOUND of the drum is what comes to mind and that's a big part of what North Custom perfected. Not only can we complete the drum with any finish of your choice, BUT whatever sound that defines you OR you envision for yourself, we can make it come to life. At North Custom we have experts in the science of creating Your Sound. Mixing and matching exotic woods, sizes, tones, pitch and more. In a world where Maple rules, it's hard to see past what's been stagnant & what works but in our world, there are No Rules. We Break the Rules with 100% quality wood, custom sound and a excellent finish that will set your drums apart from any other drumset in the world -MannYtheDrummeR"

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Pete Wright

(Ducking Punches and I Said Goodbye)

"I am incredibly proud to use and endorse North Custom Drums. Andrew and the team build their drums with passion, love and craftsmanship. Being part of the North Custom Drums team is like being part of a family; being able to discuss and bounce ideas off them is invaluable and has given me the opportunity to create drums that look and sound individual and unique to me."

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 Emerson Barrett (Palaye Royal)
Having a custom kit has always been a desire of mine and being with North Custom Drums is a dream that has came true! It is a honor to apart of such a hands on company that creates masterpieces of art that I can drum on. Being and playing music halls and event centers. Having a 26' kick makes for the most Boom I have ever heard. Matched with the low tuning of my 18' floor tom and 13' rack tom shakes the building when they are played. Also having a jazz inspired snare drum that is 14' by 8' makes every time I hit it a sensation to be felt in the soul of the audience member. 

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Seb Gee (Wild Boys, Anavae, Charlotte Campbell, CRITICS)

Back in June 2013, I had the pleasure of becoming the first official North Custom Drums artist. Andy's first impressions made me realise the true humbleness and honesty of this company. I have never been let down by him and I cannot emphasise how great the quality and pricing of these drums are. I am extremely proud of how far this company have come since joining and I am glad I made the decision to stick with them.


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Chris 'Stagg' Barber (Empires Fade, Crazy Town)

I've been using North Custom Drums for a couple of years now and they're great. I always get compliments from people when using my kit on tour as it sounds amazing in any size venue. They are also good guys and help me out with anything I need! 


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Evan Carson (The Willows, Sam Kelly, IAMTHEMORNING)
I have never felt so at home behind a kit before. These drums have completely transformed my sound. They are truly some of these most versatile instruments I have ever played and fit into any style I can think. The sonic scope of these drums is mind melting and whether its folk, pop or metal, I always feel creatively in control both on stage and in the studio. Not only am I able to fulfil my own musical endeavours, but that of all the bands and artists I work with. Andrew has welcomed me into the family with open arms and whether I am playing in Russia, Europe or the US, I play that North Custom Snare with pride. I don’t leave home without it.

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Katie Bullock (Chasing Dragons)


"Never before have I played a set of drums that I literally have no faults with, North Custom Drums have hit the nail on the head with their excellent craftsmanship and build quality, putting your sound first. Not only are they fully custom to your specification, but they have the expertise to offer advice on how to get the exact sound to you're looking for. They're passionate about what they do and care about their artists as well their kits. They sound BADASS, and it's an absolute honor to play them."


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Nick HernandezNick Hernandez (Foreignfox)

Before discovering North Custom Drums I had been through multiple kits from several different brands, it wasn’t till I tried these drums that I really found my feet behind the kit! These are some of the finest in the business from the craftsmanship involved in building them down to the very details in the shells I haven’t looked back. I now own two NC kits and plan to invest in many more!









Tyler Brown (Independant)

"I've played just about every brand kit out there, not one of them shakes a stick to how big and badass my NCD kit sounds!"



Tom Waite – Kings And Bears

I've been playing north custom drums since the very beginning in 2013 and can honestly say it all been plain sailing, from the build process & having talks with Andy on designing my kit all the way to having the kit in front of me. Andy and the team are always happy to ansaw questions and jump to any opportunity, they are passionate about there drums and it's all feels like one big family. The choices are endless with The the drums from sizes,woods, finishes, hardware and the list goes one. I can't say a bad word about this great company & it's a pleasure playing for NCD

Kevin Lane (Haal)

North Custom Drums make drum building an art-form and do it to perfection. I've went through numerous major drum companies as well as a few small shop companies in the past and while they were all great in their own right, NCD just gets it when it comes to tailoring to the artist and simply making not only cosmetically beautiful drums, but most importantly beautiful sounding drums. My kit has been an absolute pleasure to play each night on stage and track in the studio, putting them under the magnifying glass of top quality microphones in the studio really makes your appreciation grow for the craftsmanship put into the kit. The bearing edges make the shells sing and the rebound feel is phenomenal, it's also an added plus that I receive nothing but compliments on both the sound and the look from outside opinions. NCD from a customer service perspective are nothing short of professional and dedicated to work with their artists and customers, they worked with me extensively on every meticulous aspect of the build process to ensure everything was to the specifications I had given along with receiving multiple suggestions from the company for the build to improve upon the kit which turned out to be perfect suggestions in the end. I couldn't be happier with my experience thus far with NCD and I can only imagine the company will continue to grow and take over the custom drum shop world to provide a superior product. – Kevin Lane / HAAL